LAW ENACTED. Shoreline Rights Preserved. June 2023.

“[The new law] creates a new boundary line for Rhode Island’s shore access rights at a point 10 feet landward of the recognizable high tide line on a sandy or rocky beach. The recognizable high tide line is recognizable by things like seaweed, shells, or other debris left by the tide. If there’s more than one seaweed line, you use the one closest to the water. If there is none, you use the wet mark. Add 10 feet. There’s your new access line. Seaward of it? Cool. Landward of it? Watch your step.” — R.I.’s shore access bill is now law. Will it survive court challenges? Brian Amaral, Boston Globe, June 27, 2023

“Governor Dan McKee signed shoreline access legislation into law Monday, in what’s being called a major victory for beachgoers in Rhode Island.
The new law outlines where members of the public are allowed to be along the shore, setting the boundary as up to 10 feet landward of the seaweed line. In the event there are two seaweed lines, the one closest to the water should be used, the law says. When no line is present, people should use the point where the wet sand meets dry sand, plus 10 feet.” — Alex Nunes. In ‘historic step for Rhode Island,’ Gov. McKee signs shoreline access legislation into law — The Public’s Radio, June 26, 2023

Shore access bill passes R.I. Assembly in historic step for Ocean State (Boston Globe, June 15, 2023)